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Hello, my name is Lucy and welcome to Lucy and the Wilderness

This photo blog takes you into a glimpse of what I love to do, and that is going on adventures with the people dearest to me to explore this beautiful God-created world. The word "wilderness" has always interested and amused me. It is known as a place that is beyond borders, vast, unreachable and beautifully natural, and I think it is a word that truly represents our world, how there's so much to explore and yet so much to learn. Spiritually, the wilderness is also an incubator for growth as we often find and grow ourselves in peaceful and natural settings. (Matthew 4:1-25)

I hope to capture some of my happiest moments and tell stories that shape and grow me and share them with you. I want to not only capture beautiful photos but I hope that you would be lifted up with the precious and blessed moments I have with each adventure. Enjoy!





Hi there, welcome to Lucy and the Wilderness. I'm Lucy, the author, photographer and designer behind this blog.I hope you have a fantastic time here exploring my blog. Feel free to leave me a comment and have a beautiful day!

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