Dear Washington D.C

Dear Washington D.C.,
You are a beauty full of diverse culture and rich history. Although I visited you over 10 years ago and barely remember anything, I got to experience so much of you in these 13 days. Here are three things I noticed about you. 

1. You have grown so much since I last visited you. You look so different from 10 years ago! You a growing city with so much potential for success and impact on others and I love how you are developing and looking.

2. You are lots of fun. 6th grade me did not nearly experience all the fun you have to offer. Yet this time around, I got to experience you as a 20 something young “adult”. From popping bars to gentrified wharfs to beautiful museums, you have entertained me. 

3. You let me meet some great people. While on this trip, I met my kind of people! They understand the struggles of economics and how we all have no idea what we are going to do with our lives. But the best part of all of that is we tried to figure it out together. So thankful for the food outings and hotel hangouts and making so many new friends across the country. 

Super thankful for this experience and thankful for my school for sponsoring me. This was so much better than taking finals and walking in the the graduation ceremony. 



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