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Hello Friends! 
For the last few months, I've had so many creativity urges that were constantly suppressed due to real life responsibilities knocking. However, I recently got to have a great month long break where I locked myself in my room, putting a lot of my hard work in letting those creativity juices out through creating an EP. And it's finished! 

This past year, I found myself extremely interested in music production and sound mechanics and it's had me obsessed, making me create tunes in my head, busting out beats and writing lyrics to some really hard times. This creativity urge was driving me crazy, in a good way. I found myself constantly listening to every little part of a song, decomposing each instrument, effect and rhythm and always listening for what I liked particularly in the songs that I listened to. This sparked the idea of creating a 7 track instrumental EP to put my learning to test during my break. Disclaimer: this EP is in no way perfect, sonically nor compositionally, but it is what came out of my head due to my creativity ooze. 

The final product is this EP titled Minor. It is an ambient, electronic, pop collection of songs representing how I feel in my current life. I titled this EP Minor because most of the songs had minor key tunes, though most of the keys were in major keys. However, the main reason I also titled this EP Minor is because of John 3:30, "He must increase, and I must decrease". While I love music so so much to the point where it's so hard for words to even describe, this love ultimately came from God, who created me the way I am with talents and abilities, so that I can worship him. 

This EP is a praise album to highlight the vast magnitude to how great our God is. His unfailing love, his healing abilities, his omnipresent power, his resurrection, his promises - all of his characteristics need to be proclaimed. I wanted to proclaim these things in this album. It is a representation of Creation, to the fall of man, to Jesus coming, to Resurrection, to Life in him. I am only a minor character in this story, which is why he is to be praised. 

I hope you enjoy this EP I created. If you are curious to what the songs mean or where it comes from, keep reading. I am breaking down the EP song by song. :)

1. I Thought of You
This song stems from Genesis: the Creation story. It is a representation of a father who thinks of everything from the air we need to breathe, to the waters to drink, to the mountains to climb, to the beautiful plants we need to eat to survive. It represents how everything works together so well that it is purely a miracle. 

2. The Helper
Although a little out of order chronologically, this song is specifically about the Holy Spirit in reference to John 14. This song explains Jesus promising the Holy Spirit and how it is not so scary to be alone, but rather we have a helper guiding us on where we are running or going. 

3. Healer of Sight
This song is a representation of Jesus' miraculous abilities, specifically in reference to Mark 8, where Jesus heals a blind man. The ability to see is such an important one, both physically and spiritually. Being able to see gives one clarity about how to live their life, but also spiritually in seeing who God is and recognizing when he is wanting you to go. If you can hear faintly in the background of the end of the song, you hear the proclamation of "I can see now!" in representation to seeing what is not of earthly value but one of eternality. 

5. You Hear Me
This song is my outlet of comfort in knowing that the Lord hears me. He hears every request that I make and he knows how I feel in all situations. This song represents a sense of security in knowing that he hears me. 

5. In You
This is the most personal track on the EP. I originally wrote this song with lyrics but decided to mask the lyrics with a piano tune, which better represented the feelings. This song comes from a place of pain, but also security in knowing my worth, identify, life and future is in God's hands. It is in him that I find comfort. In the last part of the song, I start to sing the original chorus I wrote for the song. It is hard to hear, and I wanted to keep it that way to go along with the sense of ambience. But if you wanted to know what I'm saying its:
"Because in you, then I'm found. In you, peace comes now.
When I come to you, may your praises be loud. All my life in you, is where I wanna be found."

6. Major Elevation
The loudest song on the album. I wanted to make it sound like a big deal because this song is my imagination of Jesus rising to heaven, that moment when he is departing from his disciples and his disciples are looking up at him being taken into heaven, with crazy bright lights and a symphony in the background playing because that's how magnificent it was. 
Mark 16:19-20 
"After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it."

7. Finis
The last song on the EP and not surprisingly titled Finis, which is finished in French. The song kind of wraps up the album by taking the listener to better times, to heaven particularly, the place where we were made for. It is full of sweet moments of finally seeing God. Of course it has a symphony to finish it all off, because I love orchestras. 

Thanks for taking the time to listen and read. I hope you enjoy listening to it! 



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