The Lion and the Lamb: Hungary

17 days. 17 days on the road on tour with the Bill Drake Band worshiping, dancing and evangelizing with the people of Hungary. I had a blast.  

This trip was a God guided experience making impossible become possible. So many people got to hear the good news and I even prayed for a few. Just as my favorite song (The Lion and the Lamb) on the tour states, "Every chain will break as broken hearts declare his praise," broken people got to praise God, including me myself. God is so good all the time and I truly got to witness that goodness on this trip. Not only did he provide for me financially to go on this trip, he allowed me to get work off at a brand new job to go relearn who He is. Although, I didn’t know exactly what my role was prior to takeoff, I knew God had called me to Hungary for a reason.

The goal of the mission trip was to share God’s story and love to the people of Hungary through music, dance and testimony. I became part of the dance category and I like to call myself the title of “background dancer/roadie for a Christian band touring in Hungary.”

Although dance is not natural to me, I love dancing despite my flawed techniques. Through this trip, I experienced doubt and challenges but I overcame them and got to truly dance and worship for the Lord. I learned about working together with my brothers and sisters in Christ to serve God and really experienced advancing God’s kingdom. Not only was I able to explore all parts of Hungary, from the rural to the suburbs to the city, I met the most awesome dancers, musicians and loving individuals from all part of Hungary. Lots of fun and memorable moments will forever be cherished in my heart. 

The view from my room. 

Many days of unloading and loading sound equipment. Props to the guys for doing this!

One of the venues we played at for men in a drug rehabilitation program. 




...many hours spent on the road. But the views were always great!
Hungarian children doing traditional Hungarian Folk Dances.

Our God is a Lion and a Lamb
My talented dancer friend, Sara, from Taiwan
Concert in Vienna, Austria

Retreat in the middle of the tour in the Alps of Austria. 
This picture is unreal. 
The Austrian Alps.
My dear friend, Micaiah sitting in the poet's chair. 
The streets of Vienna.

My other dear friend, Sharayah. We look like an advertisement.

And now a few photos of me. 

Gotta stop to smell the roses at the Volksgarten.

Fast forward to Budapest, Hungary. 

Love these gals!

The Chain Bridge of Budapest
The palace. 
The beautiful night view.

Hero's Square. 
You will forever have a special place in my heart, Hungary! 

This trip was much needed for me to realize who I am and what I aim my life for. These 15 days were quick and slow but an experience that will forever be specially placed in my heart. Ask me about it! I'd love to share more with you in person. 



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