Catching Sunsets: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Spring Break! Happy to be on spring break and finally taking some time for myself to stop and look and enjoy all the beautiful blessings that I have been blessed with. From the most loving parents I could ever want to long drives through two states and realizing just how small I am to the size of this earth to just enjoying some breath taking views, my spring break is already starting off great! 

Going to the Grand Canyon has long been on my bucket list of things to do (SOON) and honestly going here was planned on the whim. I love that my parents are always so willing to join me on these adventures. We got to hike down the Grand Canyon a bit and embrace this majestic wonder. I just felt so small while looking deep into the mile long canyon that used to an ocean. I also got to watch the sun set through the canyon and BOY oh BOY was it so breathtaking. Watching nature do its own thing just reminded of how amazing this world is and how it can  function despite so many obstacles. A beautiful inspiration to how I should also live my life. 

FYI we hiked down all those switchbacks and had to climb back up. 

Chilling at the start of the hike.  

This amazing dude just chilling.

Maybe I tried to copy him :) 

the valley below

Stay fearless

Driving next to the canyon

Desert View Tower

I forgot the name of this plateau
Sunset shot of the tower.  


Colorado River casually streaming by

A beautiful sunset

I am literally dying at this view 

The Grand Canyon is just one of the many many wonders God created and I am so blessed to experience and enjoy it. 

As always, here's some short clips of the Grand Canyon :)


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