Daydreaming: Lake Tahoe, CA

A weekend getaway with 19 of my closest friends was on my mind for the longest time. I’ve been envisioning this trip since last November, wanting to have a weekend away from the usual everyday ways and spend some quality time with my dear friends. With lots of planning, some adulting skills and amazing serving friends, the trip inside my head became a reality. 

This picture does not nearly capture the beauty of this place. 
Lots of laughter, good stories, deep talks, butt bruises from sledding, wet pants and snow chains were shared on this trip. We left behind our worries and stress below the mountain and came here to relax and spend quality time in our cozy cabin while it gently snowed outside. The feeling of adulthood hitting me while I desperately grasped for childhood was clinging onto me and others as we had to find our way, make food and protect ourselves. But it was all worth it because I experienced amazing moments with my lovely pals, the weather, Lake Tahoe and the emotions shared. 
First stop: Donner Memorial State Park

Surprised these streams were not frozen.

These serene waters make me smile :)

The snow was so high.

My adventure bud: Aubs

Strutting away. 

Of course we had to have snowball fights. 

Original colors from the day. 

Day 2: Thank you Rob for driving. 

Hi tahoe!

This is a colored photo, but it looks black and white. 
Our humble abode.
This exact image was daydreamed and now it came true.

Lovely rain pour after 3 hours of driving in the snow.

This group right here is what my heart loves. <3 td="">
My daydreams came true and I hope to continue turning them into reality. 


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