I Know There's Something Real: Portland, Oregon

It was time for our annual roommate trip plus Li-Wei, and this time we decided to go to Portland, Oregon. Portland was definitely at the top of our checklist mainly because we wanted to complete our journey of the Pacific Coast.  I guess I can safely say that I have now travelled the Pacific Coast and yet I am still in awe of its beauty every time I visit. Seriously so blessed to live and visit such beautiful locations. 

The quaint, hipster city of Portland treated us well for the three day weekend as we got to drink plenty of coffee, go beer tasting and, oh, spend our time in Oregon’s snowpocalypse, which was pretty intense. However, these all added greatly to our experience of Portland and made our trip all the more wonderful. There were several unique things about Portland that I thoroughly enjoyed and I want to share them with you. Here’s three of my favorite things about Portland:

1. Everyone loves coffee or tea.
Someone from Portland actually called me a stereotypical Portlander, mainly because I told them I loved coffee, music and the outdoors. There is literally a coffeeshop or teashop on every street corner, filled with people reading, studying and chatting. I loved this aspect of Portland because everything felt warmer and cozier in a coffee shop.

2. There are many bridges.
Portland could be a civil engineer’s best friend because there are literally 12 bridges in the city, each varying from design and purpose. It was fun walking over a few of them and seeing the Willamette River underneath. They definitely add to the uniqueness of Portland. 

3. Everyone seemed relaxed. 
It seemed that everyone there was friendly and extremely peaceful. Not many people were yelling and there was just an overall peaceful atmosphere across the city, even on a Saturdat night. No one was talking loudly nor making loud noise. Instead you could see people engaged in conversations across restaurants and homes and that seemed so genuine and sweet to me. 

My three days in Portland were very relaxed and spontaneous, without much planning on our schedule. We let the town speak to us as we gave it our freedom. It was such a sweet little trip spent with my pals just goofing, exploring and experiencing different aspects of the city. I will miss this sweet city but I’m sure I’ll be back one day again.


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