Leaving It All Behind: Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, CA

My sweaters, puffy coat, fuzzy socks, and hiking boots were all tucked tightly into my backpack on the hopeful thought that I’ll be warm and fuzzy inside and out. I left behind my headphones, laptop and the world I knew on the internet and drove away without turning to look behind. This was a getaway planned ahead of time, but on that Friday morning, I woke up knowing I needed it.

I know it has been a while since I last posted, about 3 plus months to be exact. I felt that I really needed to take a break to focus on enjoying the moments I had rather than having the responsibility to post the images I saw. This break was much needed after Europe and I feel that I am quite satisfied with it. But as I laid in bed the night before our getaway, I was excited to capture once again the beautiful sights I was about to see. And so I am back.

This past weekend, my family and I escaped away to the beautiful Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park to just enjoy the views, company and moments this getaway had to offer. And man, I was so refreshed with being immersed into nature for three days. 

This trip was beautifully tied into my experience of winter as I got to experience hiking, living and being with snow and boy it is such a beautiful scene to see. Most people visit in these parks in the summertime, but I highly encourage you to visit them in the winter to experience the serenity and peaceful trees and wildlife that’s usually not seen or heard during popular summertime. 

California is a beautiful place to live and I am continually blessed to have opportunities to visit all kinds of scenery. This trip also reminded me of how privileged I am and how I’m so grateful for my parents, who are the cutest, most loving and down to adventure pair of individuals. 

I am continually blown away by the wonders our earth, its beautiful natural essence and all the experiences it leaves you with. I honestly can’t explain the feeling, but can only tell you to go experience it for yourself. 


Of course, would any blogpost be complete without a video?!? I actually really like this video. It captures some of the beauty of these forests, but not nearly what they were in real life. Enjoy! :) 

“And we live it all behind
Can't you see we need some time?!
And we all sit around the fire,
We feel a little warmer now
And we all sit around the fire,
We feel so much better now!”
-The Woods 
by Hollow Coves


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