Across The Pond Part 2: Copenhagen, Denmark, Freiburg, Germany & Lucerne, Switzerland

I can’t believe it is over. How did one month pass by so quickly and how was I so privileged and blessed to have gotten the chance to go study abroad for a month in four countries? Obviously, I am still stuck in a state of profoundness.

As I am writing this post on my 11-hour flight back home to California (have two more hours left!), I have finally been hit with the realization that my trip has come to an end. It really took me a while to actually realize that there was an end because I was so used to waking up and having something planned to do and see. This is very much a bittersweet moment as I am sad to leave the beautiful continent of Europe and its rich history and sights, but also a bit excited to finally come home to my own bed to take some time to rest.

The view outside my hostel in Copenhagen.
Visiting the city library and it is beautiful.
Like, can my city have this in their library?

My trip was literally an experience of a lifetime at my current stage in life. When and where else are you able to not only travel and see some amazing places, but also study what you are passionate about? I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to go on this trip.

Lousiana Art Museum in Denmark 
Such a pretty scene. 
The view was killer too!
Lake Titisee, Germany
Located next the Black Forest. 
We got to go on paddle boats.
It has definitely been a learning experience being flexible with my choices and time and being patient and living with different kinds of people. I’ve been challenged, but also pushed to go beyond my usual bubble to learn, see and taste more of the different cultures the world has to offer.  Because of this, I got to meet amazing local people, learn about whom they are, taste some spectacular food, and attend some interesting events. 

One the largest castles in Freiburg, Germany.
I loved the beautiful countryside.
Birds in flight. 
I know my travels to Europe will not end here, which is why I am very excited to one day come back to soak it all in once again. However, if I wanted to sum up some tips for travelling for future me to remember, I would share these three thoughts.

Farm life in Germany.
Looking up at these giant windmills.
We went inside a windmill. 
Driving through the Black Forest again. 
Old architecture.
1.Be flexible.
Having a general big picture plan is always great to have, but also leave plenty of room in your schedule for spontaneous adventures or hectic moments. I’ve learned that being flexible leaves you sometimes doing the most fun things.

Also visited a state of the art solar research institute. 
A double rainbow outside my hostel window again. 
A bike ride through the Black Forest.
2. Talk to a local.
There were so many times when I got to speak to locals or got approached by locals to just talk about who they are and who I am. Locals are curious about who you are and are also extremely helpful when you don’t know where to go or where to eat. Be bold and talk to them, because it really is not awkward.

Hello beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland. The hydropower is amazing here. 
The view once again outside my hostel in Switzerland. 
I seriously had the best views outside my hostels on this trip. 
 3. Rest
Know it is ok to not have something planned for everyday. Getting adequate rest is an important part of every trip and essential for long trips. Maintaining a good health is more important than seeing every tourist spot in town.

Boat ride through Lake Lucerne.
Is this real life?
Hiking through the Swiss Alps. 
Enjoying the view and half dabbing. 
Love the Swiss Flag here. 
Swiss cows with cowbells!
Yes we did go into that water. 
I will miss you so much. 
I hope to keep these three tips in mind for all my future travels because they’ve definitely helped me this month. My summer Europe trip has been so wonderful to me and I am forever going to remember all the great moments. And thanks for coming along with me if you have read this far. I am definitely looking forward to future Europe trips and hopefully still sharing them with you.


GoPro videos were made in the process of course!


  1. Lucy,

    You have such an awesome blog! I'm considering going on this trip next summer (I'm a sophomore at UCD) and your blog has made me want to go so much more. Thanks for providing such great pictures and tips.

    1. Thank you Lauren! This program was very rewarding educationally and socially! You should definitely go if you are able to :)




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