Across the Pond: Stockholm & Malmo, Sweden

“I don’t want to leave!” That's exactly what's going through my mind right now as I’m writing this blog post in a cute little cafĂ©, sipping a delicious iced coffee from Freiburg, Germany. Currently realizing I only have about 8 days left in Europe before going back to the states, I am really enjoying my time here in Europe and sad that it is coming close to an end.

This summer, I have the awesome privilege of studying abroad to learn about Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe for one month. I get to travel to four countries and five cities to learn about their sustainable practices, and honestly I am so amazed by what these countries are able to do energy, transportation, waste and planning wise.

First day in Sweden.
We got to live on a boat on the water.

Walking through Stockholm's downtown.
Although I have much to say about my trip, I will share three observations that I made from my first half of the trip, which took place in Sweden. Sweden is seriously a beautiful country both physically and culturally and I am forever grateful to have experienced both the city and rural parts of it in the two cities we visited: Stockholm and Malmo.

Visited a beautiful housing district called Hammerby.
Took the ferry boat home.

1. Sweden is seriously CLEAN!
Everything in Sweden is clean and pristine. The roads are kept trash free, the people are all put together and they only have 1% of their waste go to landfills. That’s crazy considering that America throws almost 70% of their waste into landfills. Their mindset to present their country as a clean place to walk, work and live really is one that invites you to be in awe of its amazing features.

Went to Stockholm's Contemporary Art Museum.
The view from the museum, which was located at the top of a hill on a small island.
The view from City Hall.
2. Sweden has amazing fashion.
I’m not sure if the beautiful people make the fashion in Sweden great or if they seriously know how to style themselves or maybe both, but the people of Sweden have great fashion taste. Everyone is dressed in black and white and ALWAYS looks presentable whether biking, walking or driving. Plus everyone looks like models walking off the runway. This aspect of Sweden seriously encourages me to dress better.

One of my favorite shots. 
More pictures from City Hall. 
Biking through the Harbor.
Took a day trip to some nearby islands.
The most peaceful day. 
Taking self timer photos.
Pastures and little hikes.
Their cottages were the cutest.
3. Sweden is friendly.
I suppose you can also argue that this is true for most of Europe, but through my personal experience I felt very comfortable in Sweden. When I was lost, the people around me would help me humbly or when I didn’t know where to go that was fun, they took time to guide me. The people seemed extremely genuine and helpful.

Eating lunch on the steps of Malmo's train center. 
The beginning of many bike tours. 
The best playground ever, with the Turning Torso in the background. 
Touring West Harbor. This place is called Bo01.
Sweden, you were beautiful and great to me. This was taken at 11:30 PM. 

I really loved my time in Sweden and I would definitely want to visit again in the future. This country is amazing in so many ways and definitely worth the visit if you are looking to travel. I can’t wait to share some more thoughts about my trip in my next post so look out for that. Talk to you later!



And my GoPro Series video of course ;)


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