Exchanging Homes: Calaveras County, CA

New places, new cultures, & new friends. That's what I strive to do, see and experience. This weekend, I got the great opportunity to do just that by visiting my good friend, Julia's hometown in Calaveras County. Julia's hometown is a place that I have never really experienced, given that I lived most of my life in Southern California, which was very much different from Julia's roots. I really didn't know what to expect or what I would see, but I wanted to see the different cultures that were offered in different areas of the state. So we packed our bags and got ready to have a weekend getaway, and man was I blown away by the beautiful natural world she easily could access. From beautiful snowy mountains to serene lakes to gorgeous giant sequoia trees, I, being a nature lover loved every minute of it. Here are some snapshots of the beautiful weekend I had.

Got to pass through the beautiful Sacramento wetlands first. 
Then, we passed through such peaceful grassland. 
Arrived in this sweet town named Murphys.
Then we got to visit some beautiful horses. 
They were beautiful.
Ended the first day with a breath-taking view.
Day 2: Mountain adventures. Elevation: 7000ft. Temperature: 45°
Really felt on top of the world.
The dream adventure vehicle.
Lake Alpine: a hidden gem
The most peaceful waters.
Could you not?
Eye level to the water. 
untouched beauty
Detour through Big Trees State Park
Named Big Trees for a reason ;)
I'm so glad we get to enjoy the beauty of earth.
Amazing weekend. 
Thank you Julia! 



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